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Novus Welding Shirt

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A welding shirt that has a superior fit and uses innovative material for durability. Available in khaki or navy.

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The Advantage

If you want to support welding apparel that’s made in America, then this product is for you. In fact, all Up in Smoke Welding Apparel is made using materials sourced right here in North America. We are deeply committed to ensuring that North American hands touch our products at every step along the way, from when we design our products to when we fulfil your order.

We know that once you try our products, you’ll never buy anything else. Why are we so confident? Because we test, test, test to ensure our products and the materials we use are the best for the jobs we know you do. In fact, the FR Novus Welding Shirt is one of our core products in the Up In Smoke Welding Apparel line and is designed specifically to keep you cool, protected, and looking good.

6 Reasons To Buy To The FR Novus Welding Shirt:

  • The FR Novus is light; we use lightweight FR twill and CarbonX for strength, breathability, and comfort.
  • We think like welders because we are welders; we place protective materials in the best places to help protect you from burns. Placing this material only where you need it cuts down weight and bulkiness while delivering the protection you need.
  • Welding apparel that’s stronger than steel; we use heavy Kevlar and Nomex stitching to ensure our products can tolerate almost anything your job throws at it.
  • A welding shirt that’s designed right; our design includes a natural bend in the elbow for flexibility, dual lined sleeves, and an extended rear tail.
  • A leader in welding wear; Up in Smoke Welding Apparel performs better than anything on the market, however, our garments are not indestructible. Our goal is to keep you protected and depending on the welding job that can be weeks, months or years.
  • No, no to the newbie; if you’re newly entering the welding trade first and foremost – congrats! We recommend you try our FR Testudo Jacket as it offers more protection where you need it.

Whether you’re pipelining in Texas, California or overseas, burning rod in a fab shop in Canada or Minnesota, or if you’re a welding hobbyist, artist or groupie, then Up in Smoke Welding Apparel has the best product for your welding job. Buy the FR Novus now, and you’ll be happy you did.

We believe welding isn’t just a job or a career. It’s a brother and sisterhood, a family, a community of people who get it done. It’s our job to ensure you have the best welding apparel on the market so that you look good, stay protected and get home to what matters most.

Size Before You Buy:

  • Please remember to use our size chart.
  • If in doubt about sizing, feel free to give our team a call at 403-923-6225.

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Black, Khakii, Navy


SM, MD, LG, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, MT, LT, XLT, 2XLT

31 reviews for Novus Welding Shirt

  1. Sam Hackman

    My go to shirt for torch work, arc gouging, stick welding, and heavy mig work. The carbon x stops the heavier sparks and is much lighter and more comfortable than wearing leather.

  2. Slickernquicker

    This is my go to welding shirt, Carbon X fr is changing the game. Like mentioned before it’s like leather but much more comfy. I recommend ONE HUNDRED PERCENT!!

  3. Jordan Thaden (verified owner)

    I have 5 novus shirts and not because they break they look dope and work amazing and I wouldn’t wear anything else

  4. Christian

    Awesome shirt! The carbon x sleeves are amazing, hold up to sparks better than any other fabric product I’ve ever tried and lighter than wearing leather sleeves. My go to shirt for back welding on hot summer days

  5. Jesse Johnson III (verified owner)

    I have several shirts . The novus shirt is lightweight and durable. Very stylish as well . Keep up the great …💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  6. Max Roche

    My goto shirt. Doesn’t matter what your doing. Sleeves are amazing against sparks and overall it’s very lightweight.

  7. Pat (verified owner)

    I got this shirt about 2 months ago and it is one of the best buys so far in my career. As a heavy equipment weld the light weight and options of hi-viz make it my go to for every thing. Its greats when climbing up and down machines. It doesn’t feel like your wearing a leather coat but still feels like the same leave of protection. 10 out 10 would recommend.

  8. Rodney Adams

    I love my Novus welding shirts, they stand up great to all the jobs I put them through. I find the sleeves to be ever so slightly short, but the performance and durability outshines this. Highly recommended!

  9. Jason Becker

    This is my daily Jacket and I’ve been wearing it for over a year now and it’s held up to everything I’ve thrown at it. Whether it’s cutting with oxy-fuel, arc gouging or heavy flux core, nothing had made it through or burnt up the jacket. The double sleeve also helps to ensure full range of motion while working. It provides all the protection of a full set of leathers with all of the comfort of a work shirt. Definitely worth every penny.

  10. Stephen Marshall

    The Novus welding shirt was my second up in smoke purchase back in 2019 after I purchased a Thorax during the winter months and has grown to be my go to welding jacket through out most of the year while I’m working inside the shop and for outside use during spring and fall repairing heavy equipment in New England. The light weight ,comfort and the ease of mobility makes it very easy to climb around the equipment I work on and the doubled up material in the sleeves add the ultimate protection for cutting, gouging and welding.

  11. Matt Titheridge

    Perfect in between shirt for those days with more welding than fabricating. The sizing options fit my different crew members really well and is still comfortable to wear under a heavier jacket if needed.

  12. Colton Smith (verified owner)

    Not often you find anything that fits great, looks great, and actually performs great, in the welding industry.. but these shirts are certainly worth every penny. So good I had to buy two! The striping option is the cherry on top for field work. 🤙🏻

  13. Cole Kirkpatrick (verified owner)

    Hands down the best welding shirt I have ever used. The quality is top notch and it looks great too. I will definitely be buying more. This shirt will keep you protected and burn free. Incredible craftsmanship and customer service. Thanks UpInSmoke

  14. dennis631578

    This is definitely my most favorite shirt I’ve ever worn I’ve had it for over 6 months I work in a mig production shop and it’s held up no holes at all when some other shirts would last me a couple of months. Now it may also cost a couple times more than my past shirts but I gotta say you’re getting what you pay for it’s light weight enough for the hot and humid summers in Houston yet it offers great protecting not to mention it’s pretty sick looking. All in all it get it you won’t regret it

  15. Kevin Gillespie (verified owner)

    Amazing quality! It’s never let me down and I got mine with the 3m safety striping all the stitching is perfect still after months of use.

  16. Dale Scheibner

    I have been wearing this Novus welding shirt pretty much every day since I bought it 8 months ago! The carbon x sleeves help me in awkward welding positions where I know my arms are going to get sparks and let’s me finish a quality weld. Highly recommended

  17. Greg Bull

    Great as a layer in the winter and light enough to wear in the summer. Have yet to get a burn through on the carbon x sleeves and my jackets see a lot of heavy gouging, confined space, and overhead welding. Great comfort and mobility.

  18. Tyler Pridham

    Love these welding shirts. Great for all sorts of welding applications including 6010 and Wire. I own and rotate through 3 pair. I also own 2 pair at a larger size for a winter outer layer. Great product and they make you look sharp to boot.

  19. Tom Schweiker

    Got my novus a little more than a year ago. The thing is bulletproof. So much more comfortable than leathers and range of motion is much better. The only welding jacket I’ve owned that really stood the test of time. Worth every penny.

  20. Moose

    I’ve got two years in this Novus now, and It’s so abused that I can’t wash it back to its original color. Between heavy arc gouging, torch work, and 6010, I’ve been burned zero times wearing it. I will never look at another protective coat from any other company. I have absolute confidence that I can get at least another year out of it.

  21. Christopher McClelland (verified owner)

    it pays to look this good while working

  22. Brendon McDougal (verified owner)

    Absolutely the best shirt made, hands down. It doesn’t matter what your doing with it it won’t disappoint. Not only that but the turn around time in their orders are beyond incredible. If your thinking about buying this shirt… don’t think just buy.

  23. James Baker (verified owner)

    Extremely durable and comfortable. I don’t feel like I’m going to overheat like I did with other weld jackets.

  24. Jennifer Hutton (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered my son this shirt twice and it is by far the best quality we have found. Will order again around Christmas, thank you!!

  25. Brian Farner (verified owner)

    Amazing quality welding shirts! My only complaint is that the sleeves and body length are too short even with it being an XL. I am 6’1″ and 185 lbs and the sleeves are short and the body barely goes past my belt. Would be perfect if sleeves and body were 2″ longer!!!!

  26. Dynamite Dan (verified owner)

    Bought my first one two months ago, my first thought was it was kinda pricey but after using it for two months already it’s worth every penny, by far the best welding jacket I ever used in 15 years

  27. Max C.

    Great product! Fits very well, and made with high quality materials

  28. Ryan Pedersen (verified owner)

    Absolutely the best welding shirt on the market! Its my go to welding shirt! Mac and the Up In Smoke crew knocked it out of the park!

  29. James R

    My experience, I had the shirt for several weeks and after just a few hours of overhead welding, the sleeve had holes through it and my arm was covered in burns. This was all in a school environment. In my opinion, don’t buy if you don’t want to buy another a month later. Poor product for the price

    • Mac Mackenzie (verified owner)

      Hi James we are sorry that you had this experience. This gear can handle a lot of abuse but it does have it limits. We have had nothing but glowing reviews on this product for years but we have had a few guys, and I mean a few that hasn’t worked for them.

  30. Chris (verified owner)

    Nice welding shirt I do a lot of pulse mig welding and it is holding up nicely. I will definitely order this shirt again. Thank you

  31. James L (verified owner)

    Unfortunately, my shirt just hasn’t held up at all. After 4 weeks I’ve burnt 6 or 7 holes in the belly and side areas, and the safety striping is in tatters. I work entirely off a bench, and do MIG in mostly flat and horizontal, so nothing particularly rough. The arms are great, and I haven’t been burnt once, but the rest of the shirt needs to be just a bit thicker of a material in my opinion. I wish I could rave about this product like everyone else, but given the cost and how fast its deteriorating, I cant say I’ll purchase it again.

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