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Up In Smoke Welding Apparel is built for welders, by a welder. We know that welding is a hard job, so why not choose safety apparel that will work just as hard as you do? Our company is proudly North American.

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As a sustainability-focused company, Up In Smoke Welding Apparel sources leather from one of North America's greenest and environmentally-conscious tanneries. We also ensure the majority of our materials used in our welding apparel are used. Any wastage is sold to local craftspeople or entrepreneurs to be made into items like jewelry, hats, and much more.

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Made for welders by welders

Up In Smoke Welding Apparel started because our founder simply wasn't happy with the options of welding safety apparel available at the time. We saw a need in the welding industry and decided to do something about it.

Our apparel is designed specifically for welders working in the field. You work hard, so why not pick a safety apparel brand that will work just as hard as you do? We're happy to offer many different welding apparel options so that you can have the best safety apparel for every unique job and worksite.

We are proudly North American. All of our materials are sourced and manufactured in North America. Our welding products touch North American hands at almost every step of the manufacturing process.

Our brand is also happy to be environmentally sustainable, and we source our leather from an environmentally responsible tannery. We also reduce our own waste by partnering with other local businesses to ensure all of our wastage is reused somewhere else.

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What can a guy say. I love these products. I got the opportunity to meet Mac in Houston Texas where I got the whole spill on the clothing line. I was skeptical at first because of all the different types of shirts I’ve worn, and I have the scars to prove it. So to make a long story short I put the Novus shirt to the test. I brought it back to some 24” .500 wall pipe and put the metal to it... 5mm pipeliners all day. Never once did a spark get through the arms of that shirt!! I’m sold !!! Great products great company. Thanks Up In Smoke
When I first found out about up in smoke welding apparel it was on instagram. I was burning up my hoodies every shift and buying a new one every month. When I first seen the price I was a bit hesitant. They were just a bit more than what I was already spending. But I could see the quality was there, the leather protection helped lots, and they're comfortable. Working in the cold winters in the north west territories, I was always warm . It was worth every penny! Money well spent. You get what you pay for!