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Novus Welding Shirt (Factory Seconds) MINIMAL SIZE CHOICE

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Starting From USD $99.99

A welding shirt that has a superior fit and uses innovative material for durability. Available in khaki or navy.

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Factory 2nd models may have imperfections such as, pockets maybe slightly different size, the pockets may not line up straight, imperfections in the colour of the fabric, etc. These imperfections have no bearing on the service life of the garment. However there are some Factory 1st models in this inventory.

All products are made using materials sourced from North America and manufactured in Canada. North American hands touch our products at every step.

The Novus welding shirt is designed for welding in warmer temperatures and climates and is a lightweight welding shirt. Trust in the Novus to work with you on the job site, protect you from burns while being a lightweight alternative to leather welding jackets.

Top 10 Things to Know About the Novus:

  • We use lightweight North American Mount Vernon Mills FR twill, and the high wear areas utilize CarbonX Repel.
  • The design incorporates a natural bend at the elbow for ease of movement.
  • We’ve strategically placed CarbonX on the arms to help protect from burns and prolong our products’ lives.
  • The sleeves are lined with Mount Vernon Mills twill for comfort and provide an extra layer of protection on your arms.
  • In using CarbonX Repel, our products are comfortable and decrease the amount of muscle exertion required during a shift if you compare it to wearing leather.
  • CarbonX Repel sheds molten metal, certain chemicals, flammable liquids, and other molten substances while providing extraordinary protection against extreme heat and direct flame.
  • We use 8 American-made YKK snap closures.
  • We’ve extended the rear tail of the shirt for added protection.
  • We use heavy-duty Canadian-made FR and Kevlar thread to tolerate the abuse these products endure.
  • Why CarbonX? CarbonX’s material performs the way you need it to, without adding extra weight onto your garment. We use CarbonX to provide a lightweight garment for your protection and comfort.
Please note that while Up In Smoke’s welding apparel performs better than anything on the market and is well suited to welding environments, our garments are not indestructible. Our garments will protect you and are more durable than the other options on the market, but our garments will still wear down after extended use in harsh conditions.


  • Please remember to use our size chart.
  • If in doubt about sizing, feel free to give our team a call at 403-923-6225.

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1 review for Novus Welding Shirt (Factory Seconds) MINIMAL SIZE CHOICE

  1. Greg Bull

    Best welding jacket on the market hands down. Great comfort and range of movement with unquestioned protection. Worth every penny.

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